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ZERO – the Zero Emissions Resource Organisation - is an Oslo, Norway-based independent not-for-profit foundation working for zero emission solutions to the global climate challenge. ZERO’s staff consists of more than 30 technologists, economists, political scientists and communications professionals.

ZERO works to reduce climate change through policy strategies and technology solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to make emission-free solutions prevail, ZERO takes an active, constructive part in the political climate debate. We participate in political discussions in a broad range of forums and media to help politicians, industry and consumers choose climate friendly solutions.

ZERO believes that emission-free alternatives exist for all energy use. ZERO’s focus areas are:
Renewable energy production
Energy efficiency in buildings
Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
Electric power for the offshore petroleum sector
Emission reduction in industry
Carbon neutral transport
Climate friendly agriculture and forestry

Within these focus areas, ZERO develops specific projects, such as promotion of electrical vehicle fast charge stations in Norway and promotion of energy-positive buildings.

ZERO is financed by private industry and business partnerships (80 percent) and government grants (20 percent). ZERO’s only client is the climate, and consequently, ZERO does not offer consulting services to other parties. ZERO’s activities and policy positions are solely based on what we, through thorough research, consider to be beneficial for the climate cause. ZERO believes in positive dialog with politicians and industry, including industries that contribute to the climate problem. However, financial contributions from businesses will never affect our climate policy views, neither does it indicate approval of business practices.



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